Sunday, August 22, 2010

And Then They Were Three

Ahhh.... I got to do a newborn shoot this week. And a FIRSTBORN newborn shoot, no less. There is something about a two people going from a couple to a family of three that never fails to inspire me. Such drama, such extremes, such profound, fierce, brand new love and navigating new territories... and all of this on less sleep than you've ever functioned on in your life. If ever a time warranted photographic documentation, it's now.

Meet Ellison, the sweet, sweet daughter of Josh and Anne.

It never hurts to get a few simple, more traditional shots during a newborn session.

But my favorites tend to be the ones that more accurately illustrate what these first few weeks feel like. The astonishing adoration:

...the natural cradling and comforting of a fledgling momma:

...the exquisite innocence:

...and of course, of course, those tiny brand new parts:

Welcome to your new world, Ellison Grace. You are one loved little girl. (And Josh & Anne, I can't wait to show you the rest! Thank you for inviting me to share a few hours of this beautiful time in your lives!)

Friday, August 13, 2010


This week I had the pleasure of playing with Ellie

and Brennan.

Ellie and Brennan are fun. Ellie and Brennan are cute. Ellie and Brennan are pinchable.

I had to keep reminding myself that this one is just four. He carries himself like such a little dude.



And dear me, the look she gives when I ask her for "sad."

Yep. Cute.

I was blessed to leave the hot, sticky inland temps for an evening at the breezy beach. I think they felt the same way!

Thanks, guys! Your proofs will be up shortly!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bethany + Torrey

I've been promising Bethany and Torrey a sneak peek at their wedding photos for a couple of days now, but every time I went into their photos, I found more that I loved. I have to start with this.

Can you believe the groom happened to drive past this sign the day before and told me about it after the ceremony? Perfect!

Really, "perfect" is a good way to describe the day in general. The details were exquisite, the players looked smashing, the venues intimate and stylish, and the timing was impeccable... they were actually AHEAD of their itinerary! (Take note, brides- and grooms-to-be: you will not regret having more time than you need on your wedding day!) So here you are, B&T, a tiny peek at your beautiful wedding day...

Bethany waiting patiently for her cue to walk down the aisle

The bridesmaids all lined up, trying not to be nervous

A few of the details around the church

The shoes... oh dear me, the shoes...

Every detail was thoughtfully planned out and customized for the day. I could do an entire album of just the details: herbs and wildflowers, Mason Jars, burlap and weathered wood crates, limes, birch bark... style EVERYwhere.

And let's be honest here: it helps when the bride and groom are into each other.

...and know how to party. (Tell me you don't want to grab a fingerful of that frosting!)

Oh, the sweet summery details...

Congratulations, Bethany and Torrey. I am so excited for you to relive your wedding day in photographs very soon. Thank you for including me in your perfect day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What it's Like

There's a statement that's made over and over again by new generations of parents as they discover for themselves just how true the words are:

Every child is different.

And yet, all these perfectly unique personalities go through the same set of developmental stages as everyone else. Universality meets individuality. It's one of the most fascinating parts of my job, an element that was largely unexpected and so much fun - spending just an hour or two with these BIG personalities contained in small little bodies, and observing how they interact with their world. (Throw in birth order and sibling interaction, and I'm reminded why I considered switching majors in college. I love this stuff.)

Last week, I got to meet Mason.

Mason is (almost) two, and his pictures tell that story well:

Fruit snacks and wagon rides

Sand and shadow play

Little parts that are somewhere between baby and boy

Spunky expressions: no vocab needed here

His place in the family

The freedom to run down the beach, knowing that Mom and Dad are right behind him.

And of course, cracking a few "jokes." Ah, two-year-old humor.

Working on your photos, Dobb family. Can't wait to show you the rest!